I drew these sweet sugary and colourful pictures for children. It really makes me happy to make them!

I can never finish this one! I have got no idea what colour should her hair be! Maybe You can help me?!

Two best friends.

Boys also like cats!

Pretty girl.


Strawberry school. I like the colours and kids in here ;)

Little Red Riding Hood

All about girl...

The title for this one is actually in German, because it suits better - Kleine Hexe (small witch)

Horse meets cat.

Cat meets dog.

Nice cake, huh?

A boy and his dog.

Funny people. I like drawing in this simple style ;) Which one do You like the best?!

Mr. Elephant

 Circus doggy.

Penguins also have to wash themselves!

Little mermaid.

I think the spider would also catch me with those sweets...



Oh, I like this one! Wolfie...

Frog orchestra

A girl.

Animal collection. Hey, look at this elephant, I am really ashamed of myself... Sorry!

Giraffe, who is not scared of spiders...

Alice in Wonderland, but no colours yet.

Japanese family.

Pyjamas party!!

Cinderella (evil mother is really angry...)

Cinderella again, I like the sky and moon here.

Cinderella at home.