Here are some animal clay brooches. What animal do You like?

So, I decided to make some clay mushrooms. They look very realistic...

Ladies t shirt. Nice colour came out of grey.


New style t-shirts. Black for men, grey for woman.

 Clay brother. More successful  ;)

This one was made of salt dough. It was the only one that actually dried.

                                                 Golden whale

Moomin from clay

                         Mens t-shirt with gold fish

Made from sculpey uncoloured whale

                Sleeping princess

Little princess 

                                        Cat key holder

It supposed to be a squirrel, but now it lookes like some kind of puppy?!

           Funny carrot brothers


Paper mache dog head. Takes long time to do but results are great. Really happy with it!

Stencil t-shirt. Angry bear for all those angry men around ;) grr!

Got inspired with some Japanese Oni. Result is quite funny but why not for a girl!?

Paper mache fox. My first project.

Girl gangster!

Felty cat paws with magnet will surely help You with any book ;)

Why not a clock with coloured pencils!?
Looks good ;)

 This time some love themed shoes... kisses and hearts and LOVE!

Moomins are always a good subject for any shoes ;)

I made another shoes with Totoro, this time more dust bunnies.

Children's shoes with some cute bears.

Music felties.

I am not sure what animal is it... maybe a cat? Holy cat!?

Joyful faces dressed up. I like making those funny manga faces!

Colourful birdies.

Strange bunny.....

Good friends :)

Last time there were strange raccoon brothers, now time for bear twins! Can You spot the difference?!

Can You keep raccoons at home?

Here are small clouds with some beads and crystal stars.

Little My and Hattiffnatters.

Manga is always a good theme for shoes!

White cloud and blue beads and crystals...

Here same, but with blue cloud ;)

 Another small cloud, I made few...

I'm making stamps!

Girls, girls... Each of them is different ;)

My favourite animal - a raccoon!
These twins are a bit creepy, don't know why...

Here, Totoro hiding in bushes...

Moomins from the valley.

Frogs came out in Spring to get some sunshine.

Lots of colourful bunnies. It was actually hard to put them on the flowers!

Colourful birds sitting on the tree, what a shame they can't sing.

Starry, starry night...

Whole bowl of fruits and veg! Want to eat them all!

Felties hide everywhere ;)

Cheeky cats.

Remember, smoking is bad! ...especially those evil fags!!

My first bleach t-shirts!
Took me a while to figure the right way to do them, but eventually the result is nice.
Here - electric cat.

Favourite theme - Godzilla! 

Favourite animal - octopus! Still...


My first hand made vinyl clock! Very cheap to make ;)
I'm really proud of the outcome. I think I will make more!                                                         

Small felty poop. Special request for a guy...

Inspired by Japanese Ondori felties I decided to do my own stuff. Lots of felt, lots of cotton and lots of key chains...
Actually I was so overwhelmed  that I made really a lot and theres actually more to come!!

Ach, too many iPads!!
I like octopus, especially those with funny faces ;)

Is there a person, who doesn't like Totoro?! This one here is so cute...

Between bags I managed to make some summer t-shirts, how do You like it!?

 One day, I woke up from winter sleep and decided to make some art. I had a bit of felt and my new iPad bag...hmm... Let's make more bags!!! 

Something for boys, felt dino, quite funny, don't You think?!

I like manga style funny faces... This cute cat is so sweet, but poor... It also has a real small bell, can You see it?!

Next to the cat, octopus is one of my favourite animals.

Bigger bag for laptop. Some of the parts are painted, it's impossible to make eyes like that from felt ;)

I made similar moomin on the notebook, so why not on the bag?

First bag ever! Since owls are so popular and cute... I was scared that the glue is not good enough, so i had to sew it. Sewing is hard... 

Small black cats with big eyes, could there be something cuter?

I always wanted to make some t-shirts with funny manga style faces. Whenever I read manga or watch anime those funny expressions make me laugh. Would it be nice to have this on You!?

 Here we have got three 'handsome' boys. I think guy with violet hair is the best...

I prepared the shoes long time ago. The background is perfect! I wanted to make Japanese style shoes with traditional pattern... But then they spend long time in the box, because I couldn't think of any drawing to go with it. I was actually thinking of making some 'obake' or 'yokai'...

 But looks like my recent interest in fishes won the place on the shoes!

I done those photos in the park. It was sunny day, and all the flowers in spring blossom.
On this pair is cheeky Japanese girl in kimono. I also added some sakura flowers in pink and white. They look like watercolours :)

Here is the most beautiful cherry tree. I love it, feels like in Japan!
On the shoes is Japanese princess and traditional Japanese pattern with green waves.

I made my first shoes for children. Giraffes are coming back! Soon I will put them on eBay.
As a background I used all cute stuff from my room...

I love octopus! It is one of my favourite animals! But when I was in Japan they wanted me to eat it!! Unbelievable, how could I!?
One day I thought it would be nice to have octo-earrings. They are sooo cuuuteeee!!!

That's a t-shirt with just some girl in love ;)

Here is one of my first notebooks I made. Took me some time and effort, but I like the outcome, and You?!

One day I bought lots of 'diamonds', I wasn't sure what to do with it. I was looking for some idea... And then I got that! There is a red version as well!

I enjoy drawing pictures like that. It is simple and cute ;) Can You see those attached ribbons!?

Summer t-shirt with summer girl...

This one here was one of the first t-shirts I made, and one of the first ones I sold...

Happy girl, very simple drawing...

Angry animals are somehow cute. Look at Mr. Lion! OMG it's hanging around Your neck!!

Tiger boy, in a real fur suit. But actually took me long time to find good fur and think how to make it...

I adore Moomins! One day I will make a notebook with Buka, should it be made from fur?!

Look! Another angry animal! This time it's a cat ;)
It has got even real whiskies!

That's Alice In Wonderland.

The girl here's name is Maya. She likes seaside. Today she wears sailor suit and blue ribbons ;)

Oh, You evil cat again?! This time it hide itself in the bushes!!

Do You knnow this great famous anime 'Tonari no Totoro'!? This pair of shoes here was the first one. Looks great, I am proud of myself! It took me lots of work and nerves as well...

Giraffes in the bushes!! The are funny, don't You think?!

I made one day manga socks for every day of the week. Each of them witch different expression!
And as You can see all in Japanese...

Gothic lolita!? But she is so scared of the ghosts and graves!

Another fascination with sailor suits...

Drawing funny animals is really great!

I bought white fabric marker. There was no other person I could draw! Rei Ayanami from Evangelion is perfect for that...

I usually don't draw stuff like that...

No words can describe how cute this girl is...

Funny girl. Manga faces can really express everything!